Clean air is a must for every living organism to live in, to breath in, but in today’s life, the air we breath in, the environment that surrounds us is very polluted, thus the oxygen levels have gone down devastatingly. In order to rectify the this imbalance of our city atmosphere, the government and other local bodies are taking several initiatives but the requirement for us is of spontaneous results. The severeness of air pollution has gone so up that the air we breath inside our homes too is beyond the AQI index.

Below are some AQI reports of several regions of India.

As per the data from shows how unhealthy the air we are breathing in our respective regions, and we can’t do much about the city AQI than contributing to the environment but still those would be just baby steps towards greener environment, but we can definitely keep a control of the air quality of our homes by getting the planters for our room to purify the inside air and install air purifiers that helps clean the air much faster. While there are many air purifiers available in market, we bring you one that can be addressed as one of the most effective and trusted air purifier and brand, Philips.

Philips Air Purifier 2000series

An air purifier with the features like AeraSense Technology, 3 Auto modes (General, Allergen and Bacteria & Virus), Smart Light Control, VitaShield Technology, Sleep Mode and Real time indoor PM2.5 .

Some Tech Specs

As per



  1. This is not just a luxury nower days but a commodity as well.
    It is a must to have product if one is living in the hectic life of cities.
    Extremely thankful that you addressed such topic.

  2. We really need air purifiers at home now, the one you mentioned here looks good to put in bedroom or kitchen or drawing room.

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