PVR in association with Nirvana Being, on April 17th, 2018, became the India’s first entertainment company to revamp and retrofit central air purification systems to provide clean breathable air at its the multiplexes. Pvr inaugurated their first of many “Audit-Air-Ium” theaters at the Directors’ Cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. The air purifiers powered by Nirvana Being are of the world-class quality. The concept of “clean air theatre” maintains Indoor Air Quality as per National Air Quality Index(AQI) standard at under 100, which also as said increase the life span of each individual by 15mins in 3hrs of cinema viewing.

PVR is currently focusing on metro cities with worst air quality in the world as per WHO; PVR ‘Audit-Air-Iums’ will be installed across Delhi – NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad encompassing mainstream screens, Gold class, and playhouse cinemas.

In the words of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Joint Managing Director, PVR Ltd., In the recent years, the air quality in India has deteriorated considerably. In times like today where air filters and purifiers are no more a luxury, but a basic living necessity, we at PVR are striving to address this growing cause of concern. We have developed this model in association with Nirvana Being by retrofitting our properties with air purification technology to create a cleaner environment for a refreshing cinematic experience.”

He also added, “Since sensitizing public areas is un-achievable on account of the area that needs to attain and thereafter maintain the air quality; movie theaters are indeed better situated to control and sustain it. Once the movie starts, there is very little opening and closing of doors and thus, premium indoor air quality is achieved and maintained. PVR as a pioneer in the exhibition space with the thought to serve its patrons with best multiplexes around the globe is also concerned about their health and not just their entertainment needs. Ensuring a luxurious cinematic experience in a clean-air environment is our vision of tomorrow and PVR intends to implement this in a phased manner to guarantee an invigorating movie watching experience.”

Continuing, Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder of Nirvana Being, said “By partnering with PVR, we aim to create a holistically safe and healthy environment for families to enjoy cinema with complete peace of mind. It is an established fact that Delhi has hazardous ambient air – combine that with the fact that indoor air is 5-10 times more polluted (than outdoor air) due to other pollutants as well as allergens – we think this initiative is simply “Responsible Business”. Nirvana Being is a market leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) compliance and PVR Ltd., India’s largest cinema chain intends to establish a new benchmark in the multiplex industry through this collaboration. Nirvana Being and PVR Cinemas will retrofit air purification systems so that the patrons can watch movies in a luxurious and healthy space to completely unwind from their hectic lifestyle. This remarkable initiative, Audit-Air-Iums, will surely revolutionize people’s cinematic experience!”



  1. Air quality is a major concern for everyone. I am happy to see such futuristic thinking by PVR cinemas and Nirvana Being. I believe more innovative ideas are in line.

  2. Yes I heard that PVR installed Audit-Air-Iums across Delhi NCR. I must say they are doing great job, the air quality is going down day by day. I would love to experience this.

  3. Air quality is a big concern today… PVR is doing a great job! Thank you for sharing this with us… I will forward this to my friends!

  4. The Audit Air-lums will surely be a game changer in Delhi . It’s high time the other places also consider installing them.

  5. Let me share another perspective. Air quality inside theaters is bound to be bad since at any given time there are so many people exhaling carbon dioxide in a ‘closed’ setting. I’m not surprised PVR has thought of addressing the issue of indoor air quality.

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