A Pocket Square is as small enough to not create a bulk and be folded in multiple ways before being put in to the upper pocket of your jacket. Pocket Squares generally for show and serves the purpose of swell in elegance of the wearer (esp gents). These are generally made of silk, cotton or linen, but silk ones are the ones in demand widely.

Going down the history, there’s much to it but still no certainty, as it can be claimed to be of use as a handkerchief for royals or dying them in red to represent wealth in Egypt to the just the scented cloth for Catholics. Whatsoever be it, we will stick to the point, as it came to an introduction to the world as a fashion accessory.

A Pocket Square were generally to be wore with suit jackets or blazers. This style accessory is already amongst the masses in US and Europe, hence gaining the attention worldwide now. As it had been generally wore in the suit jackets to give an extra element of style to the wearer, now to gain popularity in India, its been wore in ethnic wear jackets too, and it indeed is having the edge of class. Though there are multiple styles to wear it, but then there are a few types of folds mostly preferred by people i.e:

  1. The Straight Fold
  2. One Corner Fold
  3. The Puff Fold

You can find decent pocket squares in the market, but not everywhere you get those good quality and fine finishing in your style accessory. There are many brands coming up with new designs of it. One such brand is “AMAIRA SCARVES“, earlier just dealing with scarves, now they also got some excellent pocket squares. Amaira Scarves is a Indian Brand, based in New Delhi, India.

Amaira Scarves got pocket squares for all the jackets, be it western style Suit, Tuxedo, Indo-western, Nehru Jacket, Blazers etc. These pocket squares are available in different designs and colours. A few of them are showcased below:

For more info, visit http://www.amairascarves.com 



  1. I love a pocket square and always my husband to encourage to wear one with suits because it definitely lifts the outfit. Love the combination you have on the photo. The flat ones definitely look so boring compared to these ones

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