In the daily routine of our lives, seeing the amount of pollution and dirt surrounding us, we need something really effective that cleans our face deeply and gives a refreshing after effect. Now there can be tons of face products in the market, esp women as their skin is soft and sensitive but the requirement too persists even though the men’s skin is tough, rough; well that makes it even more essential, something that most of the men were ignoring till our recent yesterdays. There are many products available especially for men too, but which one to get your hands on.

One such product is Charcoal Deep Clean Face Wash by Bombay Shaving Company. This one here is manufactured for oil and pollution control.


A face wash which is suitable for every skin type, is SLS & Paraben free and with properties such as;

  • Anti-acne
  • Diminishes dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil
  • Reduces blackheads and dark spots




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